Open Computing


Rackgo X, An Innovative Open Rack Solution Inspired by OCP

The Rackgo X is a 21″ open rack solution inspired by the OCP standard, designed to deliver hyperscale datacenter performance for low CAPEX and OPEX with simplicity, energy and cooling efficiency, high density, serviceability, scalability, and manageability. The Rackgo X is ideally suited for cloud architecture such as cloud service providers or large enterprise datacenters.



Rackgo M is based on the Open CloudServer version 2 standard, contributed to the Open Compute Project by Microsoft and powered by the latest Intel® server processor family. Rackgo M shares the same design concept of blade servers with integrated storage, all in an easy-to-use package that is designed specifically for the office and distributed enterprise environment.

One Rackgo M chassis holds up to 24 compute and storage blades in any combination of your choice with integrated chassis management module in a mere 12U rack space. The chassis centralizes the high efficiency power suppliers (5+1 redundancy) for up to a pool of 8K watt power source, and utilizes large fan walls to reach the operational efficiency beyond the conventional servers currently available in the market.


Rackgo X-RSD

Designed on the principles of OCP, Rackgo X RSD is the first industry standard framework for disaggregating and dynamically managing compute, storage and network resources for more efficient hyper-scale deployment and utilization of data center assets.

Rackgo X RSD delivers increased utilization and flexibility through pooled resources (network, compute and storage) and enables hyper-scale agility via a flexible, modular rack architecture. It also offers the ability to manage multi-vendor hardware via the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) Redfish™ API, an open industry standard specification and schema for management of modern, scalable platform hardware.